Aug. 12th, 2011

Well, I actually received an extra Rarity for my birthday but she's been in hiding since I... melted her hair. So for about two months she's been in pieces without hair and such since I wanted to experiment disassembling the new ponies.

I finally got stuck with inspiration since I was reading up on the MLP wikia and saw that a fan favourite background pony was a unicorn AND was white like Rarity! I'm still too lazy about colour changing so I figured this would be a great first custom for me since I discovered I only want ones from the show, haha.

DJ P0N-3 was in only one scene, but look at her awesome design! I'm not surprised how much of an ensemble darkpony she's become. I adore her simply cuz she was in my favourite episode "Suited For Success". /crazy Rarity Fan.

I rerooted her in Kanekalon... Most horrifying experience in my life, but at least when boiled permed, it holds it's shape PERFECTLY. I decided to give her an asymmetrical haircut since I figured it's what kids these days would have if they were DJ ponies... 

The goggles are sculpted with Milliput and painted with acrylics.

Thoughts? I'm kinda unsure if I have the skill to make a derpy or Dr Whoof :c

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