Bluh bluh bitch. So here is my God Tier Vriska in trollny form. She's still missing her glasses and wings, but until I can find a suitable way of doing pony glasses and finding a fake blue butterfly to dismantle she's mostly done.

My headcanon trollny Vriska is a unicorn (like how Tavros is a pegasus, Karkat is an Earth pony, Eridan is a seapony etc) and she's a pretty powerful magic user so yeah. All of the trollnys start off grey and have their classes as their cutie mark until they play Stble, and become god tier, in which they become their 'blood' colour and get bitchin' hoods. Vriska would be an Alicorn if she had her butterfly wings, and the other trollnies would get insecticidal parts as they need when they reach God Tier and need whatever part (like Tavros would gain an insecticidal horn when he reaches God Tier or Earth ponies get both insecticidal horns and wings, etc etc)...

I put far too much thought into that. But there you go.

*plans to alchemize more of Ponies and Homestuck in the future*

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Ever since Sisterhooves Social the amount of Sparkler fanart has exploded. And I have to say, if I already have the Hooves family done I might as well get the sister done for Dinky Doo. She's a Rainbow Flash I prepped up to paint as Trixie then I realised I hate that attention whorse, so I neglected her for awhile until I realised she has a similar coat colour to Sparkler and so gave her the Lyra recoloured hair. I squee every time I see my little pony family together now. Ditzy is awesome.

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Heya peeps, I recently bought a styling Pinkie Pie because, hey, giant pink pony is the manliest thing ever. I tried to style her hair to look more like the show though it's hard because of her receeding hairline.

Ack, I think I may want more giant ponies...

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So, my friend was in Sydney when he called one of my Brony friends when we were at a meet up. Apparently he came across an untouched box of blindbags and asked if we wanted any.

I go nuts out and asked if there was Flower Wishes and Roseluck because they also had been in the show as Daisy and Rose (to all those whining about Heartstrings, hush, Hasbro rather uses their G3 names than register new names from the show, yeesh).

I also got a Sparkly Twilight and a Fluttershy from him to complete my mane 6. At least for now I'm happy. (Until I need to get Blues Noteworthy and Big Mac).
\Because hey, making random ponies that appear for two seconds is totally sane right?Who needs ponies with depth and rarely any chance of ever appearing again, psh.

Screwball's hair is sincerely difficult to sculpt so I just made my own style. Nothing much to say except I'll never do this again psh. *makes another pony soon*

Btw the next person to point out she has no cutie mark will be ignored since I'm too cheap to buy the proper brush for it.

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So yeah, this paint job took longer than I anticipated. Mostly because I was running low on sleep, feeling emotionally bleh and had to stop a lot because I AM IN A GLASS BOX OF EMOTION.

Tavros is a character from the web series Homestuck. I quite liked his personality and design. I opted to go with a pegasus for him because he was the most enamoured with the idea of flight. He was a reposed Fluttershy, with switched ears and sculpted wings.

I’m pretty happy with him, though the paintjob is so-so.

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So here is my very first plushie attempt at ponies. *shudders* It was so very difficult when everything I did was basically “LOL THIS LOOKS PONY SHAPED CUT CUT CUT” and so there’s a bunch of design flaws. Also my stupid sewing machine hates sewing more than two layers of fabric so I had to handsew the ears on and hair… And urgh. Also since I designed it wrong her flank only has enough room for one balloon. *le cry*

But yeah, I was inspired to make Surprise since I had leftover white fleece and really wished Surprise could have made it into the show. I really like her design style and colour wise and felt she didn’t get enough love in the community.

Plus I’m a huge fan of Ask Surprise. *cough*

Also not sure if I’ll ever make another plushie since this was a huge disaster…

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Welp, my Doctor Whooves custom suffered a… fall and it was not pretty. But from the ashes rises a new character. One who I hold very dear in my heart due to the amount of fanart and work of him and a certain Big Mac.

Annoyingly, I decided me and yellow acrylics hate each other. Too many layers, so much crying.

But yeah, Caramac can finally happen. Yaey! I decided to use a Pinkie Pie mold for Caramel just because it’s the most youthful looking of the mane 6 sculpts. It always bothered me how Doctor Whooves looked so childish next to the others, but I think it works on Caramel.

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As detailed in Caramel’s image, Doctor Whooves met an unfortunate end via shelf diving. However I was never that happy with that version. I felt I used the wrong mold, the paint colour was too dark, etc etc. I kept touching him up but it didn’t work out in the end.

This time I used an Applejack as her eyes are placed a bit higher than Pinkie’s which gives him a more mature appearance. I painted his coat a much nicer colour and his mane is less crazy xD


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So my final filly is done. *flop* She’s made from an Applejack and a crapload of Milliput. I mostly blame the fandom for pairing her and Derpy as awesome housemates. I now need a mini fridge for Derpy to empty. As with Caramel, her yellow paint was really difficult to apply so I gave up. Woo![

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Technically I already customized this Derpy, I just made tiny paper bags to go with her xD So yeah, whilst I was totally in love with EVERYONE’S outfits forever (except Rarity’s, cuz being invisible isn't her thing in my opinion) I just couldn’t be bothered making any of them…. Except Derpy Hooves’. It’s just so utterly endearing, simple and EPIC.

I personally think she’s meant to be a bag full of muffins, but she got it adorably wrong.

However I’m tempted to make a custom Chicken Pie somewhere down the road.

So this was an interesting custom. It's a Shine Bright Fluttershy head on a regular Fluttershy body. I decided to buy a Shine Bright Fluttershy cuz I noticed her eyewells were round instead of Fluttershy shaped. When I stripped off all the paint and hair I realised it was a Rainbow Dash head sculpt (due to each pony head having their initials hidden in their mane, this head RD in it).

Yellow is a very hard paint for me to use on FBR so I decided to make Raindrops using this head and a spare Fluttershy. Turns out the neck hole on the shine Brights are HUGE whilst the regular heads are really tiny, so it took a bit of creative carving and milliput to make the head fit.

Yadda yadda, the eyes were really hard for me to look like the show so please don't be too harsh on them.

I do need a small piano for her and Derpy to drop on Twilight...

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So basically, the boyfriend bought me a spare Twilight to turn into crazy Twilight. I did her hair and it turned out much better than my original's so... I crazied my original Twilight. I need to sculpt a miss Smarty Pants and a bird's nest. Btw she's far more creepy than Pinkamena if not for the fact she actually interacted with others..

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So here is my Princess Luna I’ve been working on. It’s basically a Twilight Sparkle with a crap ton of modding done to her. I sanded and extended parts of her, sculpted her hair and tail, and painted her in acrylics.

She’s definitely much more taller than any of my other ponies, her neck can still turn and her tail is removeable.

She’s a commission for a friend and I wanted her done in time for the new Luna episode. I might make her a little cloak and hood thing when I hand her over to him…

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Here is a random Pinkameena custom I did. I bought the Sweetie Belle and Pinkie Pie pack cuz I needed a baby unicorn for Berry Punch’s kid, leaving me with a leftover Pinkie Pie.

It was a really easy custom, the mouth being the hardest, but hey... I am honestly creeped out by her though...

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Well then, I finally painted Cloud Kicker’s hair and fudged with her eyes a bit. I’m sort of working on my Ponyville Mane 6 (which is Lyra, Bonbon, Derpy, Cloud Kicker, Berry Punch and Carrot Top) and I’m pretty happy how this turned out. I blame Brett for drawing my attention to her since I was perfectly fine without needing more background ponies to make…
My Lily Blossom was customized to look more like her Blind Bag, haha.
Yellow paint is such a derp to work with, just saying.

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So yeah, I was out shopping with some of the bronies and I pointed out to a friend that you could easily turn Daisy Dreams into Berry Punch. Which of course I had to prove using a very baity DD I got (which had melted hair and a lot of scratches to her hair area). This was, ironically, one of the easiest customs I’ve ever done since it didn’t involve a full body repaint, hair that I could sculpt easily and an easy enough hair colour. I just need to give her empty liquor bottles to treat her emotional problems.

I just need to get my hands on a couple Applejacks to turn into Caramel, Carrot Top and Big Mac.

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Inspired by other customs I decided to try modding animal friends the ponies come with to fit better with the show… My first one is Gummy, from a turtle that Rainbow Flash comes with. I decided to use this as a base cuz of the stubby legs and being a four legged animal.
I know there’s a ton of mistakes in him but it’s mostly a joke custom I made for my own entertainment.
I also slapped Celestia hair using leftover milliput I had from sculpting ponies and since milliput can’t be reused once it cures I decided that Lily Blossom’s friend needed to be Swanlestia, due to a custom I saw on dA…
Next up is converting a squirrel into Opal..

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So I finally got around to redoing my botched Sweetie Belle into Dinky Hooves. Not much so say except kanekalon for the hair and a FBR and eye colour change. I’m not sure if the hairstyle is Dinky enough but considering she hasn’t had the amount of show appearances that Derpy has I’m content.

Dinky is the fanon daughter of Derpy Hooves who appeared in Winder Wrap up and that's about it. I wasn't really a big fan of Dinky until I saw all of the heart breaking, emotional, snuggly fan work of Dinky and Derpy and how someone with a mother like Derpy would cope in Ponyville. Though until there is a canon reason for a pegasus to be able to birth a unicorn, I'm assuming Derpy just adopted Dinky.

Ack, now with Sweetie Belle I simply am dying of cute at the kid ponies. I need the whole Cutie Mark Crusaders now.

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Well, I finally got a TARDIS for my Doctor Whooves. It’s a tad too big yet too small… which is kind of fitting. It looks too big when he’s exiting the TARDIS but a bit too small to really fit him in…

But it lights up and makes sounds and the doors push open… Poor Sexy won’t like that…

But yeah, I’m totally geeking out.

Also, I finally got a Sparkly Pinkie Pie to go with my Dashie.

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I don’t even know why I made a sea pony, but I did and she now exists. I also made a regular Lyra, cuz Bon Bon needs her mare. Both originally were Pinkie Pies though seapony Lyra has a sculpted body made from milliput. 
Lyra is still a blank flank though cuz I'm simply lazy...

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Lols here is my Big Mac custom. I just I was aiming to make him a slightly older than his colt form from Cutie Mark Chronicles but definitely much younger than his current age since Hasbro sucks like that. I still need to paint his cutie mark and paint his hair a lighter shade.

I definitely need to make him Caramel cuz there’s not enough males in my collection (which is pushing 20 at the moment, holy crap). Until then I’ll just ship Fluttermac.

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Well then, what can I say? It's another Derpy Custom and there's really gorgeous ones out there. Here's my humble contribution...

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I decided to take pictures of all of my G4 ponies that are completed... 

Twilight Sparkle and Spike

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