Jul. 8th, 2011

I have been trudging along with doll stuff, mostly just rerooting some dolls and messing with the spare Cleo head I got.

I removed the tinsel in her hair since it was already breaking off in chunks when I washed out the gel in her hair. I honestly dunno what to do with her hair since I can not be bothered at the moment repainting or caring enough for such... a sculpt.

My TnT has been bald for several months now but when I laid the leftover bratz hair on her head I found it really suited the face so I decided that Malibu and TnT can be hair sisters lol.

And poor Deuce, another head stole his body.

Lols the Deuce and Cleo set was half price so I got a spare set to steal their bodies.

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Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd my Marmit/Pullip type 1 body finally came. Woo, I decided to put my Pose doll head upon iot thanks to Andrea's hybrid. Lols yeah, when I saw a Pullip Type 1 body for sale I lunged for it since I really wanted to get my Posedoll a good body.

I really, sincerely and dearly love this body. It has crazy legs that go on for ages and a nice hourglass and boobs of doom! It makes me kinda sad that these bodies are sorta hard to find since I wanted to put my Sonokong Jenny knockoff head onto this body as well.

To attach the head, it involved a lot of jabbing and tears to get it like this. But it's secure and nice :{D


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Lols these pictures are already irrelevant since I redid the eyebrows and changed the eyecolour. But since my light crapped out, these pics will tide you over til I update with pics.

Lols I haven't left the house in four days so when my friend Nhi wanted to hang out I figured why not. Lols we took a gander at our local Toyworld and derp a derp, Gloom Beach dolls and Dead Tired dolls! Arrrrrrrrrgh, my weakness since I have a few dolls on my wishlist from those two lines.

But I eventually chose Frankie since I waited so long to get one, lol. Ghoulia and UlaD can wait.

I originally intended to just straighten out her hair and leave her be, then the boiling water got rid of her eyebrows. Hurm. Also when her hair dried I noticed all her black streaks were mostly on one side and they were really sparse. So with a scalpel and needle I got rid of all the black.

I gave her white eyebrows and freckles to give her an Albino look. I then figured on a whim to wipe away her stitches and yeah.

.... holy carp I'm terrible at keeping dolls stock...


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