Jun. 29th, 2011

Looool, I have no self Control....Well, to be fair about 80% of this stuff was from my gift voucher I got for my birthday SO I REGRET NOTHING.

I first decided to swing by my Big W and noticed that lol, there's new 2 pack pony sets that cost even LESS than single pack ponies ($9 vs $7) so I decided that I might as well round off my collection with Rainbow Dash... (I really wanted the other pony, Daisy something but it came with Fluttershy and I already had her, lol)...

I then went to TRU to spend my free money on dolls but found the Jack Sparrow doll I wanted was sold out ;_; I then go pick up a LPS bunny that was slashed down to $2 due to a box derp when I saw the balloon set I always wanted, but could never justify spending $40+ on just cuz I only really wanted the Spike in that set...

Turns out TRU had it on sale from $50 to $30, which was much more manageable in my opinion (since a separate Twilight would be $10, Spike isn't available anywhere else, plus I kinda wanted a night light)...

And I picked up a Liv just cuz I liked her shirt and figured more bodies is a good thing to make up the rest of the voucher...

But yeah, derpderpderp.

I am laughing at the irony of the tomboy pony getting a crapload more than the other ponies.
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