Jun. 9th, 2011

Annnnnnnnnnnnd these guys have finally settled on their own bodies after years of being in between bodies. Flick mostly cuz I felt the 23cm Obitsu was too young for her and Cadel cuz I gave his body to a vintage Ken.

Thoughts? Well, when the heck did they change the vinyl material on the hands? They feel indefinitely more rubbery and matte compared to all of the other Obitsus/hands I have around. Also I noticed the skin tone is a touch more lighter than my older Obitsus with the fleshtone. Or less orange.

Also, Cadel's waist is somewhat looser compared to his Slim counterparts. So that's weird.

And... Flick's 25cm knees are terrible. I'm sorry if everyone thinks they look pretty unbent and shiz, but THERE'S HUGE GAPING HOLES when she kneels. That is not aesthetically pleasing in the very least. Also, I had to carve into her vinyl hip sockets so she could sit better. And even though she's pretty posable she can't actually hold those poses, so... 25cm hype? Sorry but you leave me disappoint.

But... I have plans for another 25cm Obitsu so yeah. I dunno.

Good pints include the fact you can easily switch hands like in 2006. In between then and now the Obitsus I got had posts that were slightly too big to in the sockets so it was a challenge switching them out. 

And they don't squeak AS MUCH as my other Obitsus so... woo?

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In more body shenanigans, I finally got my last Fashionista needing doll a body. The generation Girl Lara head was too pretty to put away so woo.Also I finally got the cupcake dress to exploit xD
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