Feb. 26th, 2011

Okies this will probably be my only mini-me I'll make because I'm already self conscious enough to not stare at a bunch of miniature selves.
If anyone recognises him, he's a vintage GI Joe on a Liv Jake body. No mods, alterations or cutting needing. It pretty much fits the neck perfectly.
He used to be my Spud guy but I decided that since I'm getting a better condition GI Joe head from Andrea I might as well try making this head into something better.

Yeah, I chose this head because it has my kinda flat Asian nose and usual expression most of the time. I'm not sure about the eyes being totally non asian, but hey, it's a doll! Plus I really wanted a vintagey kinda doll to be my mini me because most of the more modern Kens are not really Asian.

And yeah, my skin's not the best so this doll seemed to be a perfect match... Lol. Damn teen years.

Jawn shall be his name cuz calling him myself is kinda weirding me out...

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