Feb. 9th, 2011

Yeah, my pint sized Serial Killer (lol, Mary Kathryn, thanks for the random idea) is back from the dead. Her gumby body I scrubbed with rubbing alcohol and a crap load of sticky dirt came off. Turns out she's actually bright PAAAAAAAAAAAANK. I mean, pink. I then was able to jimmy her arm wire back into her body and glue her hand shut. I didn't fix the chew marks but eh, good enough. She was clean and not wire sticky-outtie.

Her head was soaked in fabric softner overnight and it made her hair so much easier to work with. I just brushed it and tied her default ribbon around her head...

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So yeah, three days of mindless rerooting and this is the result. Turns out I had a leftover tuft of navy hair waaaaaaay back when I rerooted a momoko. It wasn't enough for a full reroot but as I finished up the crown I thought it add bits of it to do the part... I'm kinda in a half mind about it since on one hand it looks awesome, on the other, it kinda looks like a stain ._.

The navy seems to pop up in irregular chunks though I was pretty consistent in adding it :/ On the other hand, I'm really warming up to Francie and think there's an odd charm I like about her...

It took forever to dress her since I couldn't decide between tomboy and girly so I just gave up and threw her in a shirt where I removed the decal using rubbing alcohol, lol. I wanna get her that pink nurse outfit though....

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