Jan. 15th, 2011

So yeah, real life has been as compassionate as a swift kick to the balls. But hey, yardsales and watching Tangled twice and planning for a third viewing has been helping my mood. (Oh god, I want a Rapunzel doll from the disney store with big eyes and uuuurf.)

Anyways, I just got these three dolls for $5:

Pocahontas had a broken body so I threw it out into my parts box when I got home... I hacked off about half of her hair and she's soaking in fabric softner so her hair can be manageable. I'm definitely repainting her to be... more realistic...
The Fashion Fever girl I only got for the body and I'll probably replace her legs when I get the Stacie/Barbie sisters set and get the pivotal legs... muaha. Currently my Swapping Styles broad is using the body until I can get her a swapping styles body xD
Liv chick was missing her boots but otherwise good condition... Muahahas only got her for her body though...

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