Mar. 16th, 2011

What started out as a simple redo of her lips and eyebrows turned into everything being touched up. I wanted to return to her very first style of eyes which were almost black with only white highlights...

I then added as much shading and pastels as possible. Not sure if she looks okay or I over did it.

But yeah, my first little Obitsu head is 4 years old, haha...

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So yeah, I bought the new Skipper after seeing how... derpy and icky Stacie was ;_;

It's so weird seeing intertwined Skipper's history with Barbie is yet I can not EVER remember seeing any Skippers during my childhood at all. Heck, I only vaguely knew of Stacie due to my hand me down Todd and Kelly was always around in my lifetime so... yeah, it's a bit weird being able to finally buy a Skipper new in package.

Also her body sucked so I stuck her on a Liv.

I also ripped out the pink streak in her hair. Because I can.

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