#9: Collector Barbies. Namely, The Twilight Dolls and Barbie Basics Collection 1.0
Description of Item:
Well, yeah. Mattel has released a crap ton of new Collector Barbies. The only two lines to filter through the fickle Australian Retailing public was these two lines. One was based off the brilliant same idea that made one of Mattel's lines awesome (Fashion Fever) and one was a cash cow designed to hone in on a terrible franchise, but did manage to sneak in new design molds that will be delightfully recycled in future Mattel releases I'm sure.

Barbie Basics took the idea of Adult collector customizing and decided to release a basic line of dolls in "ZOMG DIFFERENT TONES" (about 5-8-ish, lol diversity) and utilise about 12 of it's most favoured moulds,all in sleek, simple dresses with accessory packs to adorn the dolls. I feel this line was basically a more sophisticated Fashion Fever line, especially in it's hey day where Mattel just kept releasing new and exciting combinations of Facial moulds, hair colours and skintone, in really well designed clothing, especially since both the lines have multiple spinoffs and different combinations of colour and design.

The Twilight Saga dolls were supposedly meant to not be movie accurate dolls but rather a  recreation of Meyer's vision of the characters. Including Bella's almost nondescript appearance (of looking like every other Mackie face Barbie in the world), Edward's glitter encrusted body that shines with diamondy elegance and Jacob's ability to look like a neckless dogfaced pug thing.

Surprisingly, Mattel has released some ensemble darkhorse characters from the spawn of Twilight such as Edward's much more appealing and more developed adopted sister Alice Cullens AND the super kick ass redheaded designated villainous Victoria. Of course these dolls happen to be just better than the core three of the franchise so ha.

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 Welcome again... I'm surprised how quickly I'm plowing through this. Maybe cuz I wanna get to the ooey gooey centre of my list xD

#10 Barbie Fashionistas... With normal body and newer pivotal knees.
Description of Item:
Well it only took Mattel about 20 years to update their articulation and about three more years after the advent of their Pivotal body to compete with the Integrity side of things. Fashionista Barbies was a line of hip, trendy girls who's unfortunate nicknames ARE actually their real names (which I have to say, their parents were very perceptive to which fashion choice they'll have). It'as made cannon on the official webisode so yeah. Their designer also created the My Scene line so it's interesting to see overlapping concepts (such as theme naming and whacky fashion). Here's a picture to illustrate my point:

(Btw, I found the pic through google search from here and claim no credit for it)

Those same concept sketches are the webisode art style so, it's very cool.

Anywho, Fashionistas first began with the old style crotch baring legs that did not fit on the torso. Luckily they managed to change the design to resemble a BB body's legs but with pivotal joints so it was a good change for Mattel.

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Hello everyone, for the first time in this blog's history I'm participating in the top ten toys... review... thingy.

This is in response to the original post/ invitation from Shaun Wong over at the Fortress of Testicular Fortitude in which many non live journal doll bloggers review and evaluate the year's pruchases and chose whatever fits their fancy. View the invite here at his blog and you too can join in!

Anywho, being my first time, I will do my Top 11. Why eleven? Mostly cuz I want to go a step beyond... and also I bought a lot of 1/6th stuff this year. Spending two years away from the hobby has brought a fresh outlook on the toys available this year and thusly has my collecting tastes change along with it. I will do it one post at a time cuz the cool kids do it as well.

Thanks goes to Corset Kitten for inspiring me to do this list.

Now, onto number eleven.

#11: LIV World doll line
Description of Item
: Liv World is a doll line taking the most basic aspects of the BJD and Dollfie and combining it in a 'positive' and 'empowering' alternative doll line to the less savoury doll line available. As in a press release by Spinmaster, Liv girls are neither "too perfect nor too bratty" for girls. Heh. Anywho, the cool thing these girls have are trendy, non slutty and well made clothing, and because the Spinmaster team made action figures first these girls have well designed joints and features.

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