I've been on a Doctor Who binge lately what with the fanfics (like Timelords and Terror and My Little Timelord) and the second half of the season coming back. This is a very rushed custom, but still, I'm pretty happy how'd it turned out.

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So yeah, I finally decided to suck it up and get myself Applejack since I rewatched the series marathon and realised I liked AJ a huge metric ton. So yeah, I trimmed and styled her hair, added her freckles and tried to not freak out at the lack of hat.

I also decided to get another Fluttershy, but with the lighter hair because hey, I'm a stickler for details. It's actually rooted less thickly as my first Fluttershy so it lays nicely on her head and such.

I decided to finally customise my neglected Rainbow Flash by hacking off her horn and turning her into Octavia, a background pony that's gotten a huge following. It's my first try at recolouring a pony and I'm really happy about it. At the very least, I don't have Rainbow Flash being ignored anymore...

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And... yeah, ever since I saw this crazy glitch in the season finale, I knew I found the perfect background pony. The glitch turned out so amazingly bad I knew this had to be done...

I basically hacked off the ears and horn off a Rarity, sculpted the head to look more manly and did the hair using milliput.

I'm definitely happy this turned out as good as a gag custom can be... I'm now more confident I can make a Doctor Whoof...

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Someone made this video as a way to propose to his girlfriend. FREAKING GORGEOUS and makes me remember why I love this fandom...
Well, I actually received an extra Rarity for my birthday but she's been in hiding since I... melted her hair. So for about two months she's been in pieces without hair and such since I wanted to experiment disassembling the new ponies.

I finally got stuck with inspiration since I was reading up on the MLP wikia and saw that a fan favourite background pony was a unicorn AND was white like Rarity! I'm still too lazy about colour changing so I figured this would be a great first custom for me since I discovered I only want ones from the show, haha.

DJ P0N-3 was in only one scene, but look at her awesome design! I'm not surprised how much of an ensemble darkpony she's become. I adore her simply cuz she was in my favourite episode "Suited For Success". /crazy Rarity Fan.

I rerooted her in Kanekalon... Most horrifying experience in my life, but at least when boiled permed, it holds it's shape PERFECTLY. I decided to give her an asymmetrical haircut since I figured it's what kids these days would have if they were DJ ponies... 

The goggles are sculpted with Milliput and painted with acrylics.

Thoughts? I'm kinda unsure if I have the skill to make a derpy or Dr Whoof :c

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I only had this head since February O_o Poor unfortunate head, she's been shunted from body to body, bodiless for awhile and altogether neglected.

So for awhile I just kinda experimented on her, mostly by leaving her in the sun to sunbleach her green parts away. That did nothing, so I just got out my pastels and blushed as much as I could giving back colour to her head. I think I did a good job counteracting all the green in her head. The only bad part was her cheek that's facing towards us. Everything I try blushing that area it turns a weird gray brown shade that looks like a bruise.

I then used the leftover Bratz hair I got from that Malibu reroot and futz with rerooting her, except I was really, really, really unmotivated. Reroots on vintage dolls always take forever cuz I want to give them better hair lines and to spread their hair more evenly on their heads.

I then touched up her lips and eyebrows and yeah.

I think it looks pretty good considering how lazy I was about customizing her...

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Lol, Photobucket has become increasingly difficult to work with so my pictures keep getting clogged up...

So yeah, I decided to finally get around to painting my Gloom Beach Cleo and wiping/repainting my School's Out Clawdeen since I've seen both Andrea's and Giulia's recent Frankie Customs.

These face ups are both very experimental and took much longer to complete either one than I figured (face ups only take about an hour at the most nowadays, these gals took 5 hours altogether).

Clawdeen was inspired by another's Flickr member's Lulemee's repaints based on the fantasia centaurettes. It was definitely out of my comfort zone since those faces use a lot more eye white than I'm comfortable with. Check them out here:

Her hair was taken down, boiled straight and styled like so. I'm utterly tempted to make a Monster High Centaur body for her now...

Cleo has had her fringe trimmed off (one of the things I hate about Cleo is her fringe. Why couldn't Mattel bother rooting in a fringe rather than pulling one from her part? ESPECIALLY for an upwards do?).

Yeah, the staining just was beyond what I would usually do with a face up so I decided that screw it, I wanted to do a doll version of my mask and this was an ample opportunity to do so. So I marked in the squares with a watercolour and painted them in. The other parts of the face I just winged it and went "WHAT WOULD GIULIA DO IF SHE WAS SLEEP DEPRIVED AND WAS ACTUALLY ME IN AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE?"

Lols these dolls are definitely outside of my skill set but I like to think of them as an okay effort for being practice dolls.

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Well, poor SO Frankie has been neglected so badly since her hair is ultra thick and her clothes stolen by the other Frankie.

I actually debated ripping out all her hair and repainting her but since I'm lazy I figured a simple removing of the black hair and rerooting with a less annoying colour would work.

Lols surprisingly, her hair is unglued so I could simply yank them out without a scalpel. I still used a needle to pick out the black from the white.

So yeah, there goes my crazy idea of dyeing doll hair using Copic Markers and solvent. I first tried dyeing her hair using peach coloured Copic marker but it went on too dark and made her hair stiff so I removed it using my brush cleaner and off it went, but it left a very faint pink tinge...

So after her hair dried I attacked it again using hot pink but... yeah. After leaving it in her hair for an hour I wiped it off and... it barely made a difference. It was the lightest of pinks but I was too lazy so I figured good enough until I decide to attack her hair with acrylic paint...

I'm a fan of two pony related things. The new series and for a longer time, the webcomic "Kimono's Townhouse" starring two ponies. One is Kimono, the more level headed one with Minty, the more bubbly headed geeky one.

Having a doll with mint green skin and light pink hair... yeah, I decided to turn this into a Minty inspired doll. 

However, I based her face up from a few fanart related sources, though the blushing was inspired by this one:

Her eyes are shaped like G3 ponies but I decided that if I decided to make more Pony elated dolls they'll be the new series so she has G4 inspired eyes.

I decided to dress her how I figure the Minty from Kimono's Townhouse would dress. Slightly professional and preppy due to working at tech support yet oddly mismatched just because she's slightly scatterbrained and is kind of a geek.

Check out the webcomic here:

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So yeah, I organising my ponies and decided that I should get around to taking clear pictures of them because I should. Lol. Not much to say but enjoy?

user posted image
Group shot

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So yeah, turns out there's a huge Savers near my uni. Savers is basically a thriftstore on steroids and I was surprised by how much it had. I of course drifted to the pile of generic blondes and found a couple of dolls I wanted.

Eventually I settled on the vintage Ballerina who was very grubby and her hair is just terrible. However she had her crown thingy which my other three Ballerinas had lacked.

I also picked up a 12 Dancing Princess twin mostly because I indeed to add joints to her knees and use her body for a doll who needs a smaller body.

There was also a Hollywood nails Barbie who I could've used the body for the above Ballerina, a Fashion Fever with the pivotal arms and a few other dolls, but I only had $4 on me which got me these gals.

I would usiually balk at paying more than a $1.50 for these at my local Fleamarket but I reminded myself that I almost paid $10 for each of the above dolls, so... I think I did pretty well.

But yeah, another source of cheap dolls >:D

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user posted image 
Read more... )Lols I got these doll heads from Andrea like almost 3-5 years ago but thety've been languishing in the head box from being bald and not having bodies up until recently.

I shoved the Skipper head onto the body and thought "Huh, she could almost pass for Dusty's sister for having a creepy face, orange face and a tanned MGAE body"... Then I realised I still had fur leftover from Dusty's wig.

Derp so using the last remains of fur I gave these two dolls hair.

Asides from my ongoing TnT reroot all my current dolls now have hair, haha. And the weird clone head I just got...

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Anyways, I failed two of my uni classes, so that was fun finding out. Not. Meh, on the way home I decided to pick up a Dead Tire Ghoulia cuz the entire Monster High Wall had been wiped out except for a few bits here and there.

Her hair is kanekalon. It was horrid out of the box and boiling her hair was entirely unpleasant.

But yeah, at least her hair looks semi nice now and such. I also fixed her pupils and gave her brain puffs a black wash to give them more depth. Asides from that I really and sincerely love the doll as is.

I still can't get her glasses to sit properly on her face though. Lol.


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Lul, yeah, I picked up a Gloom Beach Cleo just cuz I needed her body and didn't want another Deuce... yet. Haha, so poor Amalien has been switching bodies but finally, I think she gets her own body, woo :{D

"Hmmm, if I can just focus a bit more..."

Lols that's possibly the only reason why I wanted a Gloom Beach Cleo body for. Those hands are so cute and dainty and suits Amalien much better than the default splayed hands.

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Lols here is Francesca re-edited. Her eyebrows got darkened and her eyes turned pink. Yeah.

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Lols, it took forever to find heads for these guys since I was adamant they would not use Obitsu heads. Looool.

So yeah, up front is a heart family baby head because I wanted to use a vintage-y sort of head and this head was stylised enough to suit the body. I'm calling him Hart unless he has an official name. He's wearing Tommy pants, a lil Bratz Boy shirt and Kelly shoes.

Derp got the other body because literally no other girl head suited the body so. So yeah. She's wearing a Kelly Dress and Strawberry Shortcake shoes.

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I have been trudging along with doll stuff, mostly just rerooting some dolls and messing with the spare Cleo head I got.

I removed the tinsel in her hair since it was already breaking off in chunks when I washed out the gel in her hair. I honestly dunno what to do with her hair since I can not be bothered at the moment repainting or caring enough for such... a sculpt.

My TnT has been bald for several months now but when I laid the leftover bratz hair on her head I found it really suited the face so I decided that Malibu and TnT can be hair sisters lol.

And poor Deuce, another head stole his body.

Lols the Deuce and Cleo set was half price so I got a spare set to steal their bodies.

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Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd my Marmit/Pullip type 1 body finally came. Woo, I decided to put my Pose doll head upon iot thanks to Andrea's hybrid. Lols yeah, when I saw a Pullip Type 1 body for sale I lunged for it since I really wanted to get my Posedoll a good body.

I really, sincerely and dearly love this body. It has crazy legs that go on for ages and a nice hourglass and boobs of doom! It makes me kinda sad that these bodies are sorta hard to find since I wanted to put my Sonokong Jenny knockoff head onto this body as well.

To attach the head, it involved a lot of jabbing and tears to get it like this. But it's secure and nice :{D


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Lols these pictures are already irrelevant since I redid the eyebrows and changed the eyecolour. But since my light crapped out, these pics will tide you over til I update with pics.

Lols I haven't left the house in four days so when my friend Nhi wanted to hang out I figured why not. Lols we took a gander at our local Toyworld and derp a derp, Gloom Beach dolls and Dead Tired dolls! Arrrrrrrrrgh, my weakness since I have a few dolls on my wishlist from those two lines.

But I eventually chose Frankie since I waited so long to get one, lol. Ghoulia and UlaD can wait.

I originally intended to just straighten out her hair and leave her be, then the boiling water got rid of her eyebrows. Hurm. Also when her hair dried I noticed all her black streaks were mostly on one side and they were really sparse. So with a scalpel and needle I got rid of all the black.

I gave her white eyebrows and freckles to give her an Albino look. I then figured on a whim to wipe away her stitches and yeah.

.... holy carp I'm terrible at keeping dolls stock...


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Looool, I have no self Control....Well, to be fair about 80% of this stuff was from my gift voucher I got for my birthday SO I REGRET NOTHING.

I first decided to swing by my Big W and noticed that lol, there's new 2 pack pony sets that cost even LESS than single pack ponies ($9 vs $7) so I decided that I might as well round off my collection with Rainbow Dash... (I really wanted the other pony, Daisy something but it came with Fluttershy and I already had her, lol)...

I then went to TRU to spend my free money on dolls but found the Jack Sparrow doll I wanted was sold out ;_; I then go pick up a LPS bunny that was slashed down to $2 due to a box derp when I saw the balloon set I always wanted, but could never justify spending $40+ on just cuz I only really wanted the Spike in that set...

Turns out TRU had it on sale from $50 to $30, which was much more manageable in my opinion (since a separate Twilight would be $10, Spike isn't available anywhere else, plus I kinda wanted a night light)...

And I picked up a Liv just cuz I liked her shirt and figured more bodies is a good thing to make up the rest of the voucher...

But yeah, derpderpderp.

I am laughing at the irony of the tomboy pony getting a crapload more than the other ponies.
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So yeah, I've completed my project of repainting all of the first Wave Monster High sculpts asides from Deuce and making them look as Japanese styled as possible, lol. Unless I get a Jackson body for Griffin (as it matches better) and thus Deuce gets his body back, I'm happy to say that I repainted Wave One of Monster High.

My favourite to repaint is Lagoona just because I think she's one of my best copies I've attempted xD

The worst was definitely Cleo. She's just so uninspiring to repaint with her pointy sculpt and boring skin tone.

I really wanna add more boys to the group, but they're just all so... boring bases to repaint. *cries* But yeah, I still have to eventually track down Spectra, Abbey, Clawd, Jackson and a Deuce body...

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Lols so my birthday party was this. Asides from my amazing friends making so much damn cake and such these were the material goods I got... which considering my past birthdays, this is a very, very, VERY rare occurrence.

The first thing I opened was the vintage yukata my friend got me. Which is freaking amazing to touch and study, and it fits me great... I just need to get an Obi and I'll be done, bwahahaha... It's apparently 80 years old and such. AND I'M PUTTING DOLLS ON IT.
I also got a Monster high Frankie from the new series, school's out or something. Lols I SQUEALED LIKE A CHILD AND AM NEVER ASHAMED TO ADMIT IT. I admit I took her out of the box and played with her and such, so her hair/diary is askew.
Holt was a present which was also from the new line, just repackaged. I don't care since I finally have a blue man to mess with, BWAHAHAHAHA.
And I also got a first wave Frankie who heard how desperate I was for one...
I also got a $40 TRU voucher and a Baby Sitters Club Post card booklet from an amazing friend.
And there's Pac Man Pellets and Rarity waiting there...

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 Lols here I was mutilating a Liv body when I got a package. Asides from the massive glitter bomb that made me quarantine my bed, but in it was stuff from Andrea! There was a 80s Kira head, an adorable no smoking tie, a glitter card and this AMAZING WAISTCOAT that fitted me perfectly. I now assume Andrea is a wizard who uses her powers for good.

It has a wonderful choice of fabrics and it's lined and omgomgomg. *dies* This is certainly one of my most favourite gifts I've ever received and will wear the crap out of because it makes me grin like a fool.

Ignore the shirt and hair since it wasn't one of my pretty days, haha.

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Lols after Andrea told me to look in my neck parts box, asides from not having one but rather a box of vaguely-everyday-objects-that-could-be-doll-parts, I found this weird hard plastic rod I remember getting with a pair of (human) shoes and for a lark tested to see if it fitted in the Harumika head. It fitted perfectly, snugly and everything.

So I cut it down to the right length, milliput it and await the day I spray paint it white :D

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Well I got some extra birthday money so... I decided to splurge a tad. I finally found a Target that sells the Liv sets and so I grabbed the last Alexis one. I also grabbed the last School's Out Sophie and was on my way to doing my own thing.

Then I saw a Barbie Basics box with a huge red sticker on it saying it was only $10 because someone ripped open the box, broke the doll's neck and generally ruined it.

But it had most of the stuff I wanted (aka the head was in semi nice condition) plus, it beats shelling out $40 for a head.

The Harumika is there as a comparison. The weird thing is, the Liv dummy is the same proportions as the Harunkima, it's just flat footed. xD

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Annnnnnnnnnnnd these guys have finally settled on their own bodies after years of being in between bodies. Flick mostly cuz I felt the 23cm Obitsu was too young for her and Cadel cuz I gave his body to a vintage Ken.

Thoughts? Well, when the heck did they change the vinyl material on the hands? They feel indefinitely more rubbery and matte compared to all of the other Obitsus/hands I have around. Also I noticed the skin tone is a touch more lighter than my older Obitsus with the fleshtone. Or less orange.

Also, Cadel's waist is somewhat looser compared to his Slim counterparts. So that's weird.

And... Flick's 25cm knees are terrible. I'm sorry if everyone thinks they look pretty unbent and shiz, but THERE'S HUGE GAPING HOLES when she kneels. That is not aesthetically pleasing in the very least. Also, I had to carve into her vinyl hip sockets so she could sit better. And even though she's pretty posable she can't actually hold those poses, so... 25cm hype? Sorry but you leave me disappoint.

But... I have plans for another 25cm Obitsu so yeah. I dunno.

Good pints include the fact you can easily switch hands like in 2006. In between then and now the Obitsus I got had posts that were slightly too big to in the sockets so it was a challenge switching them out. 

And they don't squeak AS MUCH as my other Obitsus so... woo?

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In more body shenanigans, I finally got my last Fashionista needing doll a body. The generation Girl Lara head was too pretty to put away so woo.Also I finally got the cupcake dress to exploit xD
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Lawls, so my birthday was coming up and so I wanted to get some 1/6th dolls from Junkyspot. My very best friend Nhi (aka Neall) said "Lolcakes, *I* could order them and be amazing" and I was all "Hey, you wanted to get a 50cm Obitsu. We totes could save on shippings and such!"

And so, lul, she eventually got around to ordering the bits and pieces, and I guess I underestimated how quickly Emory ships since it got here pretty quickly. Haha. Anywhos, it turned up yesterday but since we both had exams we had to waaaaaaaaaaaaaaait in excruciating pain to rip open the box.

So yeah, here be fun times.

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First off, Nhi's parents saw the stickers and went "Trololol Barbies."

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