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Well then, I finally painted Cloud Kicker’s hair and fudged with her eyes a bit. I’m sort of working on my Ponyville Mane 6 (which is Lyra, Bonbon, Derpy, Cloud Kicker, Berry Punch and Carrot Top) and I’m pretty happy how this turned out. I blame Brett for drawing my attention to her since I was perfectly fine without needing more background ponies to make…
My Lily Blossom was customized to look more like her Blind Bag, haha.
Yellow paint is such a derp to work with, just saying.


So yeah, I was out shopping with some of the bronies and I pointed out to a friend that you could easily turn Daisy Dreams into Berry Punch. Which of course I had to prove using a very baity DD I got (which had melted hair and a lot of scratches to her hair area). This was, ironically, one of the easiest customs I’ve ever done since it didn’t involve a full body repaint, hair that I could sculpt easily and an easy enough hair colour. I just need to give her empty liquor bottles to treat her emotional problems.

I just need to get my hands on a couple Applejacks to turn into Caramel, Carrot Top and Big Mac.

"Hmmm, one sip wouldn't hurt..."

Five minutes later...
Bonbon: Look Berry Punch, I think you have a problem...
Derpy: I know Princeblood knocked both of us up but you shouldn't keep dwelling on it..
Cloud Kicker: I'm with Derpy on this...
Lyra, thinking: Why can't I have hands? :C

Tequila hat.

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