Dec. 24th, 2011

So, my friend was in Sydney when he called one of my Brony friends when we were at a meet up. Apparently he came across an untouched box of blindbags and asked if we wanted any.

I go nuts out and asked if there was Flower Wishes and Roseluck because they also had been in the show as Daisy and Rose (to all those whining about Heartstrings, hush, Hasbro rather uses their G3 names than register new names from the show, yeesh).

I also got a Sparkly Twilight and a Fluttershy from him to complete my mane 6. At least for now I'm happy. (Until I need to get Blues Noteworthy and Big Mac).
Heya peeps, I recently bought a styling Pinkie Pie because, hey, giant pink pony is the manliest thing ever. I tried to style her hair to look more like the show though it's hard because of her receeding hairline.

Ack, I think I may want more giant ponies...

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Ever since Sisterhooves Social the amount of Sparkler fanart has exploded. And I have to say, if I already have the Hooves family done I might as well get the sister done for Dinky Doo. She's a Rainbow Flash I prepped up to paint as Trixie then I realised I hate that attention whorse, so I neglected her for awhile until I realised she has a similar coat colour to Sparkler and so gave her the Lyra recoloured hair. I squee every time I see my little pony family together now. Ditzy is awesome.

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Bluh bluh bitch. So here is my God Tier Vriska in trollny form. She's still missing her glasses and wings, but until I can find a suitable way of doing pony glasses and finding a fake blue butterfly to dismantle she's mostly done.

My headcanon trollny Vriska is a unicorn (like how Tavros is a pegasus, Karkat is an Earth pony, Eridan is a seapony etc) and she's a pretty powerful magic user so yeah. All of the trollnys start off grey and have their classes as their cutie mark until they play Stble, and become god tier, in which they become their 'blood' colour and get bitchin' hoods. Vriska would be an Alicorn if she had her butterfly wings, and the other trollnies would get insecticidal parts as they need when they reach God Tier and need whatever part (like Tavros would gain an insecticidal horn when he reaches God Tier or Earth ponies get both insecticidal horns and wings, etc etc)...

I put far too much thought into that. But there you go.

*plans to alchemize more of Ponies and Homestuck in the future*

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