Oct. 23rd, 2011

So this was an interesting custom. It's a Shine Bright Fluttershy head on a regular Fluttershy body. I decided to buy a Shine Bright Fluttershy cuz I noticed her eyewells were round instead of Fluttershy shaped. When I stripped off all the paint and hair I realised it was a Rainbow Dash head sculpt (due to each pony head having their initials hidden in their mane, this head RD in it).

Yellow is a very hard paint for me to use on FBR so I decided to make Raindrops using this head and a spare Fluttershy. Turns out the neck hole on the shine Brights are HUGE whilst the regular heads are really tiny, so it took a bit of creative carving and milliput to make the head fit.

Yadda yadda, the eyes were really hard for me to look like the show so please don't be too harsh on them.

I do need a small piano for her and Derpy to drop on Twilight...

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