Aug. 6th, 2011

I only had this head since February O_o Poor unfortunate head, she's been shunted from body to body, bodiless for awhile and altogether neglected.

So for awhile I just kinda experimented on her, mostly by leaving her in the sun to sunbleach her green parts away. That did nothing, so I just got out my pastels and blushed as much as I could giving back colour to her head. I think I did a good job counteracting all the green in her head. The only bad part was her cheek that's facing towards us. Everything I try blushing that area it turns a weird gray brown shade that looks like a bruise.

I then used the leftover Bratz hair I got from that Malibu reroot and futz with rerooting her, except I was really, really, really unmotivated. Reroots on vintage dolls always take forever cuz I want to give them better hair lines and to spread their hair more evenly on their heads.

I then touched up her lips and eyebrows and yeah.

I think it looks pretty good considering how lazy I was about customizing her...

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