Aug. 1st, 2011

Lol, Photobucket has become increasingly difficult to work with so my pictures keep getting clogged up...

So yeah, I decided to finally get around to painting my Gloom Beach Cleo and wiping/repainting my School's Out Clawdeen since I've seen both Andrea's and Giulia's recent Frankie Customs.

These face ups are both very experimental and took much longer to complete either one than I figured (face ups only take about an hour at the most nowadays, these gals took 5 hours altogether).

Clawdeen was inspired by another's Flickr member's Lulemee's repaints based on the fantasia centaurettes. It was definitely out of my comfort zone since those faces use a lot more eye white than I'm comfortable with. Check them out here:

Her hair was taken down, boiled straight and styled like so. I'm utterly tempted to make a Monster High Centaur body for her now...

Cleo has had her fringe trimmed off (one of the things I hate about Cleo is her fringe. Why couldn't Mattel bother rooting in a fringe rather than pulling one from her part? ESPECIALLY for an upwards do?).

Yeah, the staining just was beyond what I would usually do with a face up so I decided that screw it, I wanted to do a doll version of my mask and this was an ample opportunity to do so. So I marked in the squares with a watercolour and painted them in. The other parts of the face I just winged it and went "WHAT WOULD GIULIA DO IF SHE WAS SLEEP DEPRIVED AND WAS ACTUALLY ME IN AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE?"

Lols these dolls are definitely outside of my skill set but I like to think of them as an okay effort for being practice dolls.

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Well, poor SO Frankie has been neglected so badly since her hair is ultra thick and her clothes stolen by the other Frankie.

I actually debated ripping out all her hair and repainting her but since I'm lazy I figured a simple removing of the black hair and rerooting with a less annoying colour would work.

Lols surprisingly, her hair is unglued so I could simply yank them out without a scalpel. I still used a needle to pick out the black from the white.

So yeah, there goes my crazy idea of dyeing doll hair using Copic Markers and solvent. I first tried dyeing her hair using peach coloured Copic marker but it went on too dark and made her hair stiff so I removed it using my brush cleaner and off it went, but it left a very faint pink tinge...

So after her hair dried I attacked it again using hot pink but... yeah. After leaving it in her hair for an hour I wiped it off and... it barely made a difference. It was the lightest of pinks but I was too lazy so I figured good enough until I decide to attack her hair with acrylic paint...

I'm a fan of two pony related things. The new series and for a longer time, the webcomic "Kimono's Townhouse" starring two ponies. One is Kimono, the more level headed one with Minty, the more bubbly headed geeky one.

Having a doll with mint green skin and light pink hair... yeah, I decided to turn this into a Minty inspired doll. 

However, I based her face up from a few fanart related sources, though the blushing was inspired by this one:

Her eyes are shaped like G3 ponies but I decided that if I decided to make more Pony elated dolls they'll be the new series so she has G4 inspired eyes.

I decided to dress her how I figure the Minty from Kimono's Townhouse would dress. Slightly professional and preppy due to working at tech support yet oddly mismatched just because she's slightly scatterbrained and is kind of a geek.

Check out the webcomic here:

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