Jul. 23rd, 2011

So yeah, turns out there's a huge Savers near my uni. Savers is basically a thriftstore on steroids and I was surprised by how much it had. I of course drifted to the pile of generic blondes and found a couple of dolls I wanted.

Eventually I settled on the vintage Ballerina who was very grubby and her hair is just terrible. However she had her crown thingy which my other three Ballerinas had lacked.

I also picked up a 12 Dancing Princess twin mostly because I indeed to add joints to her knees and use her body for a doll who needs a smaller body.

There was also a Hollywood nails Barbie who I could've used the body for the above Ballerina, a Fashion Fever with the pivotal arms and a few other dolls, but I only had $4 on me which got me these gals.

I would usiually balk at paying more than a $1.50 for these at my local Fleamarket but I reminded myself that I almost paid $10 for each of the above dolls, so... I think I did pretty well.

But yeah, another source of cheap dolls >:D

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Read more... )Lols I got these doll heads from Andrea like almost 3-5 years ago but thety've been languishing in the head box from being bald and not having bodies up until recently.

I shoved the Skipper head onto the body and thought "Huh, she could almost pass for Dusty's sister for having a creepy face, orange face and a tanned MGAE body"... Then I realised I still had fur leftover from Dusty's wig.

Derp so using the last remains of fur I gave these two dolls hair.

Asides from my ongoing TnT reroot all my current dolls now have hair, haha. And the weird clone head I just got...

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So yeah, I organising my ponies and decided that I should get around to taking clear pictures of them because I should. Lol. Not much to say but enjoy?

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Group shot

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