Jul. 13th, 2011

Anyways, I failed two of my uni classes, so that was fun finding out. Not. Meh, on the way home I decided to pick up a Dead Tire Ghoulia cuz the entire Monster High Wall had been wiped out except for a few bits here and there.

Her hair is kanekalon. It was horrid out of the box and boiling her hair was entirely unpleasant.

But yeah, at least her hair looks semi nice now and such. I also fixed her pupils and gave her brain puffs a black wash to give them more depth. Asides from that I really and sincerely love the doll as is.

I still can't get her glasses to sit properly on her face though. Lol.


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Lul, yeah, I picked up a Gloom Beach Cleo just cuz I needed her body and didn't want another Deuce... yet. Haha, so poor Amalien has been switching bodies but finally, I think she gets her own body, woo :{D

"Hmmm, if I can just focus a bit more..."

Lols that's possibly the only reason why I wanted a Gloom Beach Cleo body for. Those hands are so cute and dainty and suits Amalien much better than the default splayed hands.

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