Jun. 17th, 2011

Lols after Andrea told me to look in my neck parts box, asides from not having one but rather a box of vaguely-everyday-objects-that-could-be-doll-parts, I found this weird hard plastic rod I remember getting with a pair of (human) shoes and for a lark tested to see if it fitted in the Harumika head. It fitted perfectly, snugly and everything.

So I cut it down to the right length, milliput it and await the day I spray paint it white :D

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 Lols here I was mutilating a Liv body when I got a package. Asides from the massive glitter bomb that made me quarantine my bed, but in it was stuff from Andrea! There was a 80s Kira head, an adorable no smoking tie, a glitter card and this AMAZING WAISTCOAT that fitted me perfectly. I now assume Andrea is a wizard who uses her powers for good.

It has a wonderful choice of fabrics and it's lined and omgomgomg. *dies* This is certainly one of my most favourite gifts I've ever received and will wear the crap out of because it makes me grin like a fool.

Ignore the shirt and hair since it wasn't one of my pretty days, haha.

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