Jun. 7th, 2011

Lols so in Melbourne there's this HUGE Pop Culture store called Minotaur full of imported merchandise from Superman to Doctor Who to Anime. Much to my surprise they also had three Omegas on Display... but I didn't ask much cuz they were stuck in glass cabinets and I knew there was a HUGE mark up in their merchandise.

But today with a pay, most of the Livs were sold out and I simply didn't feel like buying more dolls. So with mah friend Nhi, I asked how much the body was. $40 AUD.

Lols, it was a tad TOO rich for my tastes but considering price conversions plus shipping plus instant gratification, I felt the price mark up was worth it LOL.

Here is my poor Edward head showing how perfect the head is for Kens with the new neck style. Too bad for him there's no white enough bodies for him, so back to the drawer with his head.

Also while the other Triad head is well made, it's pretty ugly. And not even quirky ugly. LOL.

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Poor Noah. Ever since Action  Man stole his body he's been a tad bodiless. But I simply hated how FAT his old body's neck was and how small the hands were and the crazy shins. Also since I paired him with a Momoko I felt he was almost too tall. So yeah, been eyeing the Omega for this purpose.

Lols it's not terrible as far as bodies go, but it's not ZOMG AMAZEMENT that I've heard certain fans of Triad seem to quite enjoy.

It's nice except for the ankle cups being loose and the hands being awful at posing xD

But yeah, I might pick up another...

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