Jun. 5th, 2011

Lols I can finally cross off the last thing I desparately want, vintage wise, which is a Skipper with the original molds. And the awesome thing? It has the same facepaint I wanted as well, haha.

Lols, so I can officially stop actively adding to my vintage collection for awhile... Unless anyone's got some Francie and Allan love to go around:D

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This doll is just one huge basic homage to Andrea (aka Dolls Ahoy and her work, namely around 2009, mostly due to the Skipper head on a Midi sized but not quite Volks body with a poofy dress and the aviator's helmet.

But yeah, it took a crap load of bodyswapping to finally settle on the 12 Dancing Princesses Twin hodge podge body because I was umming and erring over whether to get her a body with bewbs or not, if she she be taller or shorter than her original body and the neck length.

I wasn't even going to use this body, but I noticed Andrea once put a Skipper head on a Midi body and this body is essentially the same size but tanned, so yeah. Putting the head on was perfect.

So yeah, she's taller now but I simply adore her. Though I'm not too hot on the hair.

I got this body waaaaaaay back, the 12 Dancing Princesses body was a shrunken down mold of the BB body except with Ballerina jointed arms and hard plastic legs strung with Elastic. Which was going cuz that meant I could saw and glue on new hard plastic joints. I eventually settled on Ken elbows and glued them together. However, I couldn't find feet so the body went away.

Fast forward to last year when I was getting back into 1/6th and I found a pair of high heeled Barbie legs and this body. Of course a light went off and I completed the body.

However, this body has been languishing in my parts box since then waiting for a head. Huzzah, now I has one.

Just slightly pissed off I lost the twin body cuz I really want to try this again.

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