Jun. 3rd, 2011

Lols you may have noticed that a lot of my dolls use the Liv body but the thing is, they had to share the bodies due to a lack of money versus  real life.

So I've been fervently squirreling away spare coin and slowly buying a bunch of Liv dolls after seeing them marked down in several retailers. So yeah, I'm actually quite chuffed that all these heads are not fermenting on Model muse bodies or just laying around headless.
I was just going to show new liv hybrids but figured since you guys seen them all separately, seeing them together with their own individual bodies would be definitely be more impressive.

I'm just slightly disappointed that Hayden sold out faster than the others since my Greecian Goddess Barbie head and 50cm Obitsu's bodies are kinda too dark (they have first wave Katie's bodies).

But yeah, there has been no new Liv dolls ANYWHERE and all the current Livs are basically less than 5 dolls on a shelf. So yeah, I'm very worried about the lack of Liv ;_;

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