May. 25th, 2011

Lol, so ever since my Flickr friend Giulia made a giant littlest pet shop Cat head/Licca body hybrid I've been hankering to make my own due to wanting a big head friend for my Pullip Fakie and just cuz I like monkeys due to it being my Zodiac.

I had a spare EB C tan body laying around since upgrading Griffin and thought since I would not have another tan head to plop on I figured this would be a good body.
To attach the head I cut up a Bratz head and cut it down until it barely fitted into the gaping hole of the LPS head. It can tilt and all that jazz now :D

Here's a few shots with it's original paint...

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Lols yeah, I had no idea what to paint in his eyes except make it as Japanese and stylised as possible. So there's a bit of Pose doll technique in there, some Anime touches and yeah.

Also, I laugh cuz adjusting the contrast makes the face looks decent xD

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Lols, Pickle Pipe has been a bit of a OC character since he combines two of my favourite colours and my other alias online, which is Mr Pickles.

Lols I actually wanted to use a Rarity for my first incarnation of Pickle Pipe and try dyeing her, but since I had a green clone I felt I should try this one out first...

Also he has a blank flank cuz really... how would you draw an innocent looking 'pickle pipe'?

A before pic to remind you guys...

And yeah.

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