May. 18th, 2011

Lol, accumulated stuff has accumulated. Well, yeah, real life has happen and shiz and I got new stuff to show, yaey.

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I tried doing the pose doll face on the Obitsu ever since finding a miniature Pose doll and thought it was super adorable... Though I'm having second thoughts...
Yeah, Charity was my second Obitsu head I ever painted... She's suffered a few more but yeah... She was trapped on an odd mish mash of Obitsu/Pullip type 3 armed (think Music Row) body that was coming apart...<

The Bratz body is on par with a Fashionista Guy body except she can do the splits and tilt her torso... She can't sit upright though or bend her elbows or knees further than 45 degrees... It's a cute little body, but I honestly dislike the amputee feet and general body poseability...

When I just had about the worst weekend away ever and hope that I burnt a bridge thoroughly enough certain men can go DIAF.

So to my surprise, Omar's package came to me this morning. In it was Leia and Joey and a bunch of bonus bits :D

And I just got paid from work, so I had enough cash to splurge a bit. So I grabbed the Cleo and Duece set for about $10 cheaper than their normal price so yeah.

And then the Bratz Party dolls were half price on sale so I grabbed the remaining Yasmin, despite wanting a damn Jade doll, and yeah, stuck Amalien's head on that body.

Yasmin's head will remain there until I wash the gell out and steal her saran hair for my Malibu doll.

Also got a Ken fashion.

Meh, I don't buy a lot nowadays but the weekend was completely terrible and I just feel like crap. So yeah. Retail therapy.

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Okies I've been putting off buying this set because the dolls are essentially, the most boring bases to work off from. At least to me. I mean all the other MH dolls have strange colourings or added fun, but Cleo is your basic tan colour with black hair. At least Ghoulia had blue hair or Clawdeen had those ears.

Also, the tinsel in her hair already unravelled when I washed her hair so I had to remove all that as well and yeah. It's quite boring considering what I got to work with before...

Deuce is similar in the fact he's a boring human colour yet the snakes are so distinct and uncustomizable that it's basically Deuce or no Deuce. Again, not really fun for me.

So yeah.

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Yeah, I've been neglecting my poor Pullip Clone. So after dusting her off from the crevice of my bookshelf/desk, I chopped off all her hair, popped her eyes out and wiped her face up.

Unfortunately I lost one of her oval eyes and don't know where I could find a cheap place that sells 24mm Oval eyes.

So yeah, I bought decorative jewels and shoved one into her eyeless socket. The other eye I popped out the brown iris and glued in a smaller jewel.

Her wig is a J-Pop kana wig. Isn't it purdy? :3

Yeah, I painted an open smile just because I was watching Tangled and thought "Slight overbite plus small bunch of Freckles = CUUUUUUUUUTE"

Yeah, I'm weird.

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And to cap it off...

I saw this while looking for My Little Pony clones and giggled looking at it... I must admit, the Kewpie's hairstyle does look like a Crustacean.

Also, Griffin is wearing the intact Snake hair thing...

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