Apr. 22nd, 2011

I apologise for such a late posting but real life has bodyslammed me so I've been lazy to post shiz. Also I was very disappointed with the Draculaura I got so yeah...

Okays, now that I had both the dolls I truly wanted I was worried about buying a core doll. So I spent 10 minutes looking for a UlaD with a nice spread of pink hair.

I did not notice the ugly black smudges on her face until I went to acetone her face, but god, they were on the sides, chin and nose.

Not only that, her right arm is actually this weird matte finish with black stains on it, with her elbow actually filled with too much plastic so not only I can't bend it, it pops out of her arm socket. And her hand on the same arm couldn't be removed very easily unless I tugged until there were stress marks. I used a blade to clear off the excess plastic and her arm is moving reasonably well, but it's still weird and greyish. I assume I shall not be be putting her stock outfit back on any time soon.

And her neck is loose.

I'm pretty much upset since I was severely anal and spent around ten minutes scrutinising which Draculaura to take home and picked the one with a reasonable spread of pink in her hair. Also, asides from Ghoulia, Draculaura is my ALL TIME favourite character from the franchise and seeing this doll have so many flaws compared to my other two just pisses me off.

Ah well, I'm giving her vintage Licca face paint to continue my whacky "do Monster High dolls with Japanese doll style repaints."

But honestly, blah.

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