Feb. 20th, 2011

Welp, I got the heads from Biff a few days ago but only got around to posting them today...One was a poorly rerooted Ballerina head with a sloppy eyepaint meant to look like a walking Jamie doll. I just yanked out her poorly rooted eyelashes and am slowly wiping the top layer of paint with rubbing alcohol.

I dunno what to do about the green head. Lol.

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Well I repainted her mostly because three dolls with the exact same eye style was kinda pushing it for me. It took a bajillion tries but eventually I just wiped her eyes and started from scratch since Jamie's eyes are more semi circles but the Ballerina eyes are almond shaped. Another hurdle was the crazy rooted eyelashes which damaged her eyes pretty badly so painting over them was hard.

I also added freckles.

Yeah the Fashionista body doesn't match but I don't think any other posable body would either.
But I really like the brown eyed/blonde haired combo, especially on this doll.

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There's been a Liv shortage at my place for awhile (at any one time, my Side glance repaint, FF Kira and Fake Pullip has been bodiless) and so I finally broke down and got another Hayden.

Turns out all the pale skinned Liv girls have different skintones. Hayden has the lightest Sophia has the second lightest and Katie has the darkest of them all.

I gave the Hayden body to my Licca-Steffie repaint but Budou here stole her clothes so it all works out.

All I need is another body for my FF Kira and another for my ANTM head Andrea gave me (Pullip got a cobbled together volks body with a random Barbie arm)
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Yeah, if you compare this pic to any of her other pics her body has been too slightly dark for her head.

But hoorah, this one matches much better than the other 8D

I keep thinking I painted her eyes too freaking huge but when I go to wipe her I find that I genuinely love this girl.

Her hair on the other hand is a horror. I keep boil perming her hair straight but it keeps curling up so I brushed it into a side ponytail.

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