Feb. 17th, 2011

I found a solitary Jake when I took a gander at my only Toys R Us so of course I fucking bought him mwahahahaha. Eh, real life has severely drained me to write much but his body is the same height as a Male slim (shoulder height, heads vary), his body reminds me of the Takara Jenny boyfriend jointed body except for the fatter neck. Much less prettier than a Fashionista but way more posable. The neck knob is fatter than the fashionista necks, although I think it's slightly shorter so yeah. It more teen-ly than most other guys in this scale but I think it's amazing. I'm thinking of getting a few more to put my Vintage Allan head upon and another to make my Mini me as it's the right height and nicely posable.

I got Making Waves Jake.

I'll take more pictures tomorrow when I'm less grumpy and worn out.

Jake has molded hair and wears wigs.
Also, I dehaired my jake for the lulz and put a liv wig on him:

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