Feb. 14th, 2011

Happy Valentines Day peeps. Whether you're spending it alone or with someone, remember to buy all the chocolate you can so stupid boyfriends buying last minute gifts can suffer the consequences of such a commercial holiday :D
I always intended to pick up one of these Fairytopia dolls for swapping and such but... I guess I assumed they would always be around lol. When they went off the shelves I just went along my way...

Spending Valentines Day out and about actually dragged my morale down really low so went I saw this doll, I just totally grabbed her and bought it.

The most foul smelling grape flavoured foulness just bombarded me as I opened her. Turns out, it's scented. Wut?! And her hair was incredibly tangled so I boiled permed it and it turned out pretty again haha. But this doll was pretty cheaply made so I'm kinda not impressed. But the hair is a really nice colour and really nice when you boil it and comb it out haha. It still smells like bubblegum ew.

Her mold is really nicely sculpted so I kinda wanna track down another and paint a more realistic face upon her.

She's based on the face paint of Tuili Chan, aka the Japanese Francie face... I'm kinda half-half on her face right now since I'm not sure if I like it... And yeah I'm on a Japanese doll face painting kick. Lol.

Also, I'm calling her Budou since this girl smells completely smothered in grape bubble gum...

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